magenta dev log

as per html journal


ok so haxe + kha sucks, and then i got the big sad, but i have a new idea for direction of the language. there will be the full fat fucking beast of a project that will be magenta with classes and namespacing etc. but i want to start just a tiny subset to get a bunch of tiny things right. plus, i've found a really comfortable language called wren with this graphics library dome which is super simple and get me back into language making so i can actually make

this tiny subset will be lilascript and lay a nice foundation for the language and provide a proof-of-concept playground for the core ideas of magenta, and allow me to flesh out the spec to be much more complete. in theory. once i can write magenta-ish code and see it do graphical things on screen i'll be happy :>


magenta's website has been rejuvenated! featuring the latest information and documentation about the language (slowly), and the addition of this development log! i will try to post here every so often when i have something to share

right now i am working on the preprocessor so that namespacing and includes work properly, as well as fledging out the command line utility a little bit. not fully, we're prototyping right now after all, but enough to lay a decent foundation for further development

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